How to Write in VOL

How to Write in VOL
VOL accepts articles on any topic. Published pieces typically run from 400 to 700 words, but drafts of longer length within the bounds of reason will be considered if a valid reason is provided for exceeding the specified limit. Longer articles without any valid reason might be ignored.

For those writers whose articles have been previously published at VOL, we require a link to a previously published article, or a link to their author’s profile at VOL.
Those writers who have never been published at VOL, should provide the following information:

1. The article. Preferably within the body of the email, otherwise as an MS Word file.

2. Photo of the writer.
3. email Address

General submissions must be original. We do re-publish articles that have been previously published in the newspapers, magazines, journals or books provided the author has the re-publishing right.

Submissions with all required information should be sent to [email protected]

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