Fakhra khalid

Library Laws in Pakistan (Fakhra Khalid)

Library Laws in Pakistan We cannot refuse the importance of library laws. Library laws become very helpful for the establishment, betterment and contribution of the libraries. Many countries of the world make their own laws and regulation for their libraries. Neighbor country India’s different states like, Madras, Andhra pardais, Mosor, Maharashtra and Eastern Bengal implemented …

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RDA and AACR Difference

RDA Refresher Performance Support: What is Different from AACR2? With the implementation of RDA, some cataloging practices have changed. The Library of Congress generally does not retrospectively revise records created using earlier codes; they were correct according to rules in force at the time. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14A8408A7wLelYfsGFcpJb3Ex6cnv2hQ9/view?usp=sharing

Why Libraries are Important By Abid Hussain

Why Libraries are Important By Abid Hussain Libraries are as old as human civilizations. These are important institutions for human and national buildings. Suppose libraries were not important institutions for the last 5000 years; they would have died out long ago. Libraries are places for culture and knowledge preservation. It plays an essential role in …

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