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No.4#MCQS LIS. Seris No.3#MCQS LIS. Seris No.2#LIS MCQS Serial No. 1# Important List of Synonyms and Antonyms#DDC Library Tags#Marketing of Information Management Services (Fakhra Khalid)#Changing Scenario: Stone Age to Digital Age (Fakhra Khlaid)#Role of Library Professionals in Legal Education. (Fakhra Khalid)#Promoting Library Services by the Library Professionals among the Users in this Digital Era (Fakhra khalid)# Top-Rated Public Libraries in Lahore#American Library Association (ALA)# Pakistan Library Association#National Library of Pakistan#International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)#Who was Melvil Dewey?

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انتہائی زمہ دارانہ اقدام محترم بخت یار صاحب کا پاکستان میں لائبریری و انفارمیشن سائنس کی تعلیم اور بہتر تربیت کے فروغ کیلئے کردار مثالی ہے، پاکستان کے تمام لائبریری پروفیشنلز کی جانب سے آپ اور متعلقہ احباب کیلئے ڈھیر ساری داد و تحسین اور مبارکباد پیش کرتے ہیں، اللہ کریم آپ کے وزن میں مزید وسعت عطا فرماتے ہوئے اس عمل مسلسل میں کامیابیوں سے ہم کنار فرمائے آمین دعاگو

کاشف کمال چیف لائبریرین فضائیہ لائبریری پی اے ایف بیس نور خان،راولپنڈی


Voice of Libraries Pakistan is a platform where we can get to know each other, it has given LIS a new innovation.

Aijaz Akhtar Ahmedani
Librarian@ARG. Degree College Razzakabad


Voice of Libraries is a new forum that connects people beyond the boundaries. A forum that works for the betterment of librarians across the country. A true platform that gives insights, perspectives, and innovative ideas. It is the premier website that has been designed on the basis of sharing and caring policy. I wish the entire team of VOL exclusively Bakhtiar Zafar for initiating this splendid project. I also welcome the entire team to join this venture and make it more convenient for your career growth

Abid Hussain:
Library Officer at Instititute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


Voice of Libraries in Pakistan is a wonderful addition to the field of library science. This will not only benefit the people involved in library science but also establish a connection between them which was not there before. May allah help you

Ch. Muhammad Nazir,
Director General National Library of Pakistan (Retd)


A website of Voice of libraries (VoL) is a valuable contribution for the community. A beautiful combination of many aspects and multiple resources at a place were a need indeed. As a researcher in Library and Information Science, I solute visionary leader Ch. Bakht Yar Zafar whose dynamic personality is real life behind these excellent services. My best wishes for you dear leader.

Syed Rahmat Ullah Shah,
Doctoral student at University of Borås, Sweden..



اپنی دُنیا آپ پیدا کر اگر زِندوں میں ہے
سر آدم ہے ضمیر کن، فکاں ہے زندگی

Life is a constant struggle; don't ask people how to prevent darkness. Instead, try to remove darkness from people's lives. Light the lamp of your part and spread the light. The pen is the greatest power in the world. Write with your pen and enchant people's hearing. Voice You Libraries is a platform for everyone who wants to write in the field of library science. If you have an article or a book or any information about this field send it to us and help us to help people in Pakistan.
Ch. Bakht Yar Zafar

VOL Visitor

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