Association Copy ایسوسی ایشین کاپی


An association copy in libraries refers to a book that has a special connection to its author or to an important historical figure or event. This connection is usually indicated by an inscription, signature, or other form of provenance, such as bookplates or letters. These books are considered valuable to collectors, historians, and bibliophiles because they provide a glimpse into the personal lives and interests of their authors or the historical context in which they were written.

Association copies can be found in various forms, for example:

Author’s presentation copies: a book that was presented by the author to a friend, family member, or colleague.

Author’s working copies: a book that has notes, corrections, or other marks made by the author.

Books owned by famous people: a book that was owned by a famous person, such as a president or a celebrity, and has a signature or bookplate indicating their ownership.

Books with special provenance: a book that has a special connection to an historical event or has been passed down through a notable family.

Association copies are considered to be rare and valuable, and they are usually kept in special collections in libraries or in private collections. They are often used by researchers and scholars to gain insight into the lives and works of the authors or historical figures associated with them.

The main aim of association copy is to create a positive association between the product or service being advertised and the consumer’s needs, desires, or values. This can be accomplished by highlighting the benefits of the product or service, emphasizing its unique features, and evoking emotions that resonate with the target audience. The ultimate goal is to persuade the consumer to make a purchase or take some other desired action.

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