Library Information Science MCQs


Thursday 20 May 2021 


Q1. Research is not considered ethical if it… 

  1. Tries to prove particular thing 
  2. Doesn’t ensure privacy & Anonymity of respondent C. Doesn’t investigate data scientifically  
  3. Is not of a very high standard 

Q2. Ethical Transgression is: 

A.Following Ethical Principles  

  1. Defying Ethical Principles ✅ 
  2. Prompt response from respondents  
  3. NOTA 

Q3. Which idea is not associated with the stance of situation ethics? A. Anything goes 

  1. The end justifies means
  2. No choice  
  3. All of the Above ✅ 

Q4. Which of the following form of harm that might be suffered by research participants? A. Physical Injury 

  1. Stress and Anxiety  
  2. Impaired development  
  3. All ✅ 

Q5. Which method is directly related with lack of informed content? 

  1. In-depth interviews  
  2. Content Analysis  
  3. Covert Observation ✅ 
  4. Case study 

Q6. One of the preoccupations of quantitative researchers is with generalization, which is sign of A. External Validity ✅ 

  1. Internal Validity  
  2. External Reliability  
  3. Internal Reliability

Q7. Recognizing our own values in pursuit of research is essential because: 

  1. It allows us to eliminate them 
  2. It allows us to be honest with ourselves ✅ 
  3. Atleast we know what we can ignore  
  4. It enables us to persuade others of our values 

Q8. As the value of one variable is increasing, the value of second variable is also increasing, then the  correlation coefficient will be? 

  1. Positive ✅ 
  2. Negative 
  3. Zero  
  4. NOTA 

Q9. Which form of reasoning is the process of drawing a specific conclusion from a set of premise? A. Rationalism  

  1. Deductive reasoning  
  2. Inductive reasoning ✅ 
  3. Probabilistic 

Q10. Its important that academics produce research that can be widely used as valued by academic  community around the world. This is termed as: 

  1. Research Impact  
  2. Citation Impact ✅ 
  3. Ethics Impact 
  4. NOTA 

Q11. The problem of researcher seeing only what they expect to see is called: 

  1. Researcher Bias ✅ 
  2. Experimental effect  
  3. Leniency Effect 
  4. Halo Effect 

Q12. Which of the following is most appropriate to impart training for SPSS, a software package used for  statistical analysis: 

  1. Seminar 
  2. Conference  
  3. Workshop ✅ 
  4. Paper 

Q13. Which of the following is essentially an academic meeting? 

  1. Colloquium ✅ 
  2. Conference  
  3. Symposium  
  4. NOTA

Q14. In whìch of the following, it’s required to cite sources in a bibliography at the end? A. Conference  

  1. Colloquium  
  2. Seminar 
  3. Paper ✅ 

Q15. Which of the following is most likely to make use of internet? 

  1. Web Conference ✅ 
  2. Seminar 
  3. Symposium 
  4. NOTA 

Q16. Which of the following is published in the journal? 

  1. Article  
  2. Paper 
  3. Both A & B ✅ 
  4. NOTA 

Q17. A researcher conducted 3 experiments with 100 subjects each following uniform design instead of  one experiment with 300 subjects. This is known as: 

  1. Replication  
  2. Manipulation 
  3. Observation 
  4. Validation ✅ 

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