Role of Pakistani Universities in Interfaith Dialogue, Harmony and Relations An Index and Bibliometric of Produced Academic Dissertations

Dr. Raiz Ahmed Saeed, Dr. Saeed-ur-Rahaman, Rauf Ahmed, Abid Hussain


Interfaith dialogue has become one of the most significant and interesting activities in  contemporary socio-political and socio-religious global scenario due to its crucial role in the  peace process and peaceful interfaith relations. Many groups of scholars, institutes,  organizations, and even governments are promoting the activities regarding interfaith relations.  Meanwhile, it is also assumed that Pakistan is one of the countries where interfaith dialogue  activities are arranged officially on the state level. In this study, efforts are made to review  statistically and to index the literature produced by Pakistani scholars and universities. A mixed 

method research methodology is adopted for this study with a bibliometric approach to find out  results. Almost 136 theses & dissertations have been produced by scholars in a wide range of  Pakistani Universities on interfaith Dialogue, religious debates, harmony, and relations. The  research produced by male scholars was 71 (52.21 %) and most 49 (36%) productive era was  from 2011 to 2015. The majority of the research was for Master (38%) and MS/M.Phil (34%)  level degrees and about one-fifth of the theses were on the theme of “Interfaith Dialogue in  Pakistani context”. Therefore, it is suggested that the course on interfaith dialogue, harmony,  and relations should be taught at M. Phil and Ph.D. Level in the discipline of Islamic studies and  social sciences.

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