Microfilmمائیکرو فلم

Microfilm is a film on which small photographs of documents are recorded, usually at a reduction in size. The microfilm can then be used to produce copies of the original documents, which can be viewed using a microfilm reader. Microfilming is often used to preserve historical documents or to create a permanent record of important documents, as film is more durable than paper. Microfilm is also used to store large numbers of documents in a smaller space, as the reduced size allows more documents to be stored in a given area.

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Holdings refer to the materials that a library, museum, or other organization has in its collection. It can include books, manuscripts, photographs, artifacts, and other types of materials. The holdings of an organization may be physical, meaning that the materials are stored on-site and can be accessed in person, or they may be digital, meaning that they can be accessed electronically. An organization’s holdings may be listed in a catalog or database and may be available for research or for the loan to patrons. The holdings of an organization can be used to understand the focus and scope of the organization’s collection and to identify resources that are available for research or study.

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