A monograph is a scholarly book or a long essay that is written about a single subject or topic. Monographs are typically written by experts in a particular field and are intended for a specialized audience of researchers or scholars. They are often used to present the results of original research or to provide an in-depth analysis of a particular subject. Monographs are typically longer than journal articles and maybe more comprehensive in their coverage of a subject. They are often published by academic presses or other organizations that specialize in publishing scholarly works.

Handbookہینڈ بک

A handbook is a practical guide that provides information on a particular subject or activity. It is a type of reference book that is designed to be used as a resource for performing specific tasks or for learning about a specific subject. Handbooks can be general, covering a wide range of topics, or specialized, covering a particular field or area of study. They may include instructions, tips, examples, and other types of information that are useful for learning or performing a particular activity. Handbooks are often used as reference tools and can be helpful for finding quick answers to specific questions or for learning how to do something.

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