ISBNآئی ایس بی این

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique 10- or 13-digit identifier that is assigned to books and other printed materials to identify and distinguish them from one another. The ISBN is used by booksellers, libraries, and other organizations to identify and track books and other published materials.

The ISBN is issued by the International ISBN Agency, which is responsible for assigning and managing ISBNs. Each ISBN is unique to a specific book or publication, and it is used to identify and locate that specific book or publication. The ISBN is typically included on the copyright page of a book, and it is also used in bibliographic databases to help identify and locate specific books and other published materials.

ISBNs are useful for librarians, booksellers, and other professionals who need to keep track of and access published materials. They help to ensure that these materials can be accurately and consistently identified and tracked over time.

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A dictionary is a reference book that provides meanings, pronunciation, etymology, and other information about words. It is a collection of words and their definitions, typically listed in alphabetical order. Dictionaries can be general, covering all areas of language, or specialized, covering a particular subject or language. Some dictionaries also include usage examples and synonyms or antonyms for the words they define. They are used to help people understand and learn the language, as well as to find the correct spelling and meaning of words.

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