Fakhra khalid

The impact of Research Libraries at State Level (Fakhra Khalid)


Fakhra khalid

Fakhra Khalid

The impact of Research Libraries at State Level

The role of research libraries is as significant as the role of library in other academic areas. The role of research library is pivotal on state level, libraries have in-depth resources in the form of books, journals, magazines, articles, and bibliographies. Libraries offer space for users to learn and provide excellent environment for research. Libraries have healthy staff that can help students in locating the information that a researcher might need and pay brilliant impact on state level.Most research libraries today have systematic digitized information, they provide digital access to e-books, e-journals and different website’s links etc. These libraries try to maintain their importance in current digital age. The age of research’ it was mentioned that electronic and digital services are the most important service that a library can provide to its users. The digital research library is a new trend and has added convenience for the users to search any information.

Good research libraries help institutions to produce and hold top researchers at the state level. We know there is a global competition for top researchers, and institutional reputation is key to attracting them. Many factors contribute to a good reputation, library contributes as a research body and its positively impact on state. The quality, nature, and extent of the library’s collections, effective staff and the services they provide, building design are all important. Successful and high-quality research libraries can be a significant factor in producing and holding top researchers.

Research libraries help research students to win research grants and contracts with international universities for further education. Success in winning research grants and contracts is critically-important, especially for research-intensive universities. Research Support Offices help researchers to generate a regular flow of high-quality applications for such grants and contracts, libraries are playing an increasingly significant role too. On the whole they do so in response to specific requests rather than proactively, however, researchers are not required to consult the library in generating their bids. Libraries could play a greater role if researchers knew that support was available, and if their involvement was more formalized. Libraries have an opportunity to use their skills to help researchers improve the quality of their funding applications, and to increase the institution’s success in winning research income. These services make a good image of research as state level.

Research libraries promote and exploit new research technologies and new models of scholarly communications. Research libraries are critically important in helping researchers to exploit the full benefits and opportunities of the networked world, including such developments as open access and social media. Many libraries have succeeded in addressing technological problems, by establishing stronger links with researchers and re focusing their services to promote and exploit new technologies and new models of scholarly communication. Research libraries provide easy access to high-quality content related to research, and its value is recognized by researchers.

Libraries spend huge amounts to manage and develop their collections provide access to researchers. But we saw researchers always want more. This need pressure on institutional budgets, good research libraries are still seeking to increase the content budget. Research libraries meet researchers’ needs more effectively as well as helping their dialogue with the senior managers from whom they seek funding. Libraries are one of the most enduring features of the academy, central to the values and the practice of scholarship, value of research library is alsovery crucial cornerstone and it represent the institutional research at state level in very positive and effective ways.

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