What is meant by added entry?اضافی اندراج سے کیا مراد ہے؟

In library and information science, an added entry is a reference to a work or an author that is included in a bibliographic record, but is not the main entry for that record. The main entry is typically the author of the work, but an added entry can be used to reference other contributors, such as editors, translators, or illustrators.

An added entry is used to give credit to these contributors and to make it easier for users to find and retrieve the material by searching for their names. In cataloging, added entries are used to make the record more discoverable and findable, particularly in cases where the main entry is not a well-known person or where a work is attributed to a corporate body.

For example, if a book is edited by John Smith and written by Jane Doe, the main entry would be Doe, Jane (author) and Smith, John (added entry: editor)

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