WHat was the situation of libraries and literary activities in Mughal empire?مغلیہ سلطنت میں لائبریریوں اور ادبی سرگرمیوں کا کیا حال تھا؟

During the Mughal Empire (1526-1857), libraries and literary activities flourished in India. The Mughal emperors were great patrons of learning and supported the development of libraries, schools, and other institutions of learning. Many of the Mughal emperors were themselves scholars and writers, and they encouraged the production of books and other works of literature.

There were many famous libraries in the Mughal Empire, including the Imperial Library (Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library) in Patna, which was founded in 1891 and is now known as the National Library of India. Other notable libraries of the Mughal period include the Royal Library in Delhi and the Royal Library in Agra.

In addition to supporting the development of libraries, the Mughal emperors also supported the translation of works from other languages into Persian, which was the official language of the Mughal court. This helped to spread knowledge and ideas from other parts of the world to India, and contributed to the flourishing of literary and intellectual culture in the Mughal Empire.

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