Who invented book classification?کتاب کی درجہ بندی کس نے ایجاد کی؟

The concept of book classification has a long history, and it is not possible to attribute the invention of book classification to a single individual. However, there have been many people who have contributed to the development and evolution of book classification systems throughout the history of library science.

One of the earliest known book classification systems was developed by the ancient Greeks, who organized their libraries according to the subjects of the works contained within them. In the Middle Ages, monks and scholars developed more sophisticated systems of book classification, including the system of classification used in the Vatican Library, which is considered one of the oldest surviving library catalogues in the world.

In the modern era, several individuals are credited with significant contributions to the development of book classification systems. One of the most well-known figures in the history of book classification is Melvil Dewey, an American librarian who developed the Dewey Decimal Classification system in the late 19th century. Another important figure in the history of book classification is Charles Ammi Cutter, an American librarian who developed the concept of the cutter number, which is used to classify and organize books in the Library of Congress Classification system.

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