What is the notation of Colon Classification System?

In the Colon Classification system, the notation consists of a series of numbers and colons used to represent the various categories and subcategories into which library materials are organized. Each number in the notation represents a different category or subclass, and the colons are used to indicate the hierarchical relationships between the categories.

For example, a book about the history of agriculture might be classified using the notation “6:1:5:1:2,” which would indicate that it is a book about the history of agriculture, which is a subclass of “Agriculture,” which is a subclass of “Technology (applied sciences),” which is one of the ten main classes in the Colon Classification system.

The use of numbers and colons allows for a compact and efficient notation system that can be used to represent the complex hierarchical relationships between the various categories in the Colon Classification system. This notation system is used in libraries around the world to help organize and classify library materials in a consistent and logical way.

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