Library is a Science or an Art ? لائبریری سائنس علم ہے یا فن

Library science can be considered both a science and an art.

On one hand, library science involves the application of scientific methods and techniques to the management and organization of information resources. This includes the development and use of information technologies, the analysis of information needs and behaviors, and the creation and management of information systems.

On the other hand, library science also requires creativity and a deep understanding of human behavior and culture. Librarians must be able to select and organize materials in a way that is accessible and relevant to their users, and they must be able to communicate effectively with diverse populations. They must also be skilled in fostering a love of learning and reading in their communities, which requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and intuition.

Therefore, library science is a multidisciplinary field that incorporates aspects of both science and art.

some examples of how library science can be both a science and an art:


  • The development of information technologies, such as online databases, search engines, and digital archives, requires scientific principles and technical expertise.
  • The analysis of user needs and behaviors often involves the use of research methods, such as surveys and focus groups, to collect and analyze data.


  • The selection and organization of materials in a library requires creativity and a deep understanding of user needs and interests. For example, a librarian might create displays or book lists that highlight diverse voices or timely topics.
  • The design of library spaces, including the arrangement of furniture, lighting, and decor, can have a significant impact on user experience and requires an artistic eye.
  • The promotion of reading and learning in a library involves connecting with users on a personal level and fostering a love of learning, which requires empathy and intuition.
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