What does DDC stands for?

DDC stands for Dewey Decimal Classification. It is a widely used library classification system that was developed by Melvil Dewey in the late 19th century. The DDC is based on a hierarchical structure, with 10 main classes at the top and more specific categories and subcategories below them. Each class, category, and subcategory is assigned a unique decimal number, which is used to identify and locate materials within the classification system.

The DDC is used in libraries around the world to organize and classify books and other materials according to subject matter. It is particularly popular in public libraries and school libraries, as it is relatively easy to use and understand. The DDC is regularly updated and revised to reflect changes in knowledge and subject matter, and it is considered to be an essential tool for organizing and accessing information in libraries.

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Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system is a system of library classification used to organize and arrange books and other materials in a library. It was developed by Melvil Dewey in the 1870s and is still in widespread use today.

The DDC is based on a system of ten main classes, each representing a broad subject area. These main classes are further divided into smaller divisions, and then into even smaller sections until each book or material is assigned a unique classification number. The classification numbers are arranged in a decimal format, with the first digit representing the main class, the second and third digits representing the division, and so on.

For example, the number “500” represents the natural sciences and mathematics, while the number “540” represents chemistry and “550” represents earth sciences. Within the earth sciences section, the number “550.1” represents geology, and “550.2” represents meteorology.

The DDC is used to organize and arrange books and materials in a library, and to help library patrons find the materials they are looking for. It is also used to create library catalogs and bibliographies.

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DDC Library Tags

000          Generalities General Knowledge

010          Bibliography

004         Computer Science

005        Computer Processing

020        Library Science

050       General Serial Publication

060        General Serial Publication

070        Journalism, Publishing, News Paper

Ioo        Philosophy

150       Psychology

160       Logic

170       Ethic

200      Religion

220         Bible

230        Christianity

280        Church

297       Islam

300       Social Science

301        Sociology

306        Culture

307      Communities

310       Statistic

320        Political Science

327       Foreign  Policy

330       Economics

331      Labor  Economics

332       Financial Economics

332.1   Banking

333      Land Economics

336     Public Finance

337     International Economics

338     Production Economics

339     Macroeconomics

3340    Law

341     International Law

342      Constitution & Administrative Law

343    Military, Tax, Industrial Law

344    Social Labor, Welfare law

345    Criminal Law

346    Private Law

347    Civil Law

349    Law of Specific Jurisdiction & Areas

350    Public Administration

355     Military Science

360      Social Services Association

364     Criminology

370       Education

371       School Education

372     Elementary Education

373      Secondary Education

374      Adult Education

376       Woman Education

377     School Education & Religion

378    Higher Education

380     commerce, Communication

384    Telecommunication

390     Customs Etiquette Folklore

398     Folklore

399     Custom of War

400     Languages

800  English Literature

420    English Languages

820   English Literature

821   English Poetry

822   English Dramas

823   English Novels/ Fiction

825   English Speeches

491.439 Urdu Languages

891.439 Urdu Literature

891.4391 Urdu Poetry

891.4392 Urdu Drama

891.4393 Urdu Novel

891.4394 Urdu Essays

891.4395 Urdu Speeches

500  Pure Sciences

510  Mathematics

512  Algebra

510  Arithmetic

515  Analysis & Calculus

516  Geometry

519  Statistical Mathematics

500  Science

510   Astronomy and Allied Science

530  Physics

540  Chemistry

550 Earth Science

570  Life Science

574  Biology

580  Botanical Sciences

590  Zoological Science

590  Zoology

600  Technology Applied Science

610  Medical Science

614  Public Health and related

620  Engineering

620.1  Engineering mechanics and materials

621  Mechanical  engineering

621.2  Hydraulic power

620.39 Computer Engineering

621.48  Nuclear engineering

623  Military and nautical engineering

624  Civil Engineering

625  Railway and road Engineering

627 Hydraulic Engineering

630 Agriculture  and related Topic

633 Field of Crops

634 Orchards, Fruits

637 Dairy

640 Home economics

641  Food and Drink

641.5 Cookery

643 Housing

646 Family living

646.2 Sewing Clothing

650 Management

651 Office Service

657 Accounting

658  General Management

658.8  Marketing

689 Advertising

670  Manufactures in specific

680 Manufacture of Products

690 Building and related technology

700 The Art

710 Civic and landscape

720  Architecture

740  Drawing

746 Textile art and handicraft

750 Painting

760 Graphic  Art

770 Photography

780 Music

791 Public Performing

792   Theater

793 Indoor Game

796 Athletics and outdoor game

900 Geography And History

909 World History/ Civilization

950 Asia

954   India

954.91  Pakistan

920  &  092  Biography of  Pakistani

973  History of United State  America


000.Generalities     & Knowledge

 004.Computer Science

070.Journalism, Publishing, News Paper





 300.Social Science


 320.Political Science

 327.Foreign  Policy


 332.Financial        Economics

 338.Production Economics



 350.Public Administration


 380.commerce, Communication


 800.English Literature

823.English Novels/ Fiction

 500.Pure Sciences




 600.Technology Applied Science

 610.Medical Science


 624.Civil Engineering





 700.The Art



  909.World History/ Civilization



 920 & 092.Biographies

 973.United State America



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