What is a National Library?نیشنل لائبریری کیا ہے؟

A national library is a library that is established by a government as a repository for the cultural and intellectual heritage of a country. National libraries typically contain a wide range of materials, including books, manuscripts, photographs, maps, and other types of media. They may also have collections of rare and unique materials, such as manuscripts, incunabula (books printed before 1501), and maps.

National libraries are usually the largest libraries in a country and are often among the most prestigious. They are usually open to the public and serve as a resource for researchers, students, and the general public. In addition to their research collections, national libraries may also offer educational programs and public events. Some national libraries also have the mandate to preserve and digitize the cultural heritage of their countries, and they may work with other libraries and cultural institutions to achieve this goal.

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