What is library catalogue?لائبریری کیٹلاگ کیا ہے؟

A library catalog is a database that contains information about books, journals, and other materials held by a library. It typically includes information such as the author, title, publication date, and call number, as well as any other relevant details. This information is used to create a record for each item in the catalog, and these records can be searched by library patrons to find specific materials. The catalog can be accessed online or in person at the library.

Online library catalogs are usually searchable via a web interface and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. They often have advanced search capabilities, such as the ability to search by keyword, author, title, or subject. They may also include additional information about the materials, such as reviews, summaries, and links to online versions of the materials.

In addition to books, a library catalog may include information about other materials such as:

  • Audio and video recordings
  • Manuscripts and archives
  • Maps and images
  • Digital materials such as e-books, articles, and databases

The catalog is a very important tool for libraries because it helps patrons to find the materials they need, and it also helps libraries to manage their collections effectively. It allows libraries to keep track of which materials are checked out and when they are due back, and it also helps libraries to purchase new materials and decide which materials to discard.

In short, a library catalog is a database that contains detailed information about the materials held by a library, it’s a powerful tool to help patrons find the materials they need and libraries to manage their collections effectively.

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