What kind of notation does CEC use?

Cutter’s Expansive Classification (CEC) uses a combination of letters and numbers to represent different subjects. The letters represent the broad categories of the classification system, and the numbers are used to represent more specific subjects within those categories. For example, the letter “A” might represent the category of Philosophy, while the number “1” might represent the subcategory of Ethics.

The CEC system is arranged in a hierarchy, with more specific subjects being nested within broader ones. For example, the subject of “Ethics” (A1) might be further divided into subcategories such as “Ethical Theories” (A11) and “Ethical Practice” (A12).

In addition to letters and numbers, the CEC system also uses symbols to indicate various relationships between subjects. For example, a symbol called a “cutter” might be used to indicate that a particular subject is a subclass of another subject.

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