An Interloan or Interlibrary loan or Document deliveryانٹر لون یا انٹرلائبریری لون یا دستاویز کی ترسیل

An interloan, also known as an interlibrary loan (ILL) or document delivery, is a service offered by libraries that allow users to borrow books, articles, and other materials from libraries outside their own system. If a user is unable to find a particular book or article at their local library, they can request it through interloan. The library will then try to borrow the item from another library and have it delivered to the user’s library for them to check out.

Interloan is a convenient way for users to access materials that are not available at their local library. It is often used by university students and researchers who need access to specialized materials for their studies. There may be fees associated with interloan services, depending on the library’s policies and the cost of borrowing the materials.

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