Define cataloguing?کیٹلاگ کیا ہے

Catalogue or Cataloging is the process of creating, managing, and maintaining bibliographic records for library materials, such as books, journals, and other resources. The purpose of cataloging is to provide a consistent and standardized method for describing and organizing library materials, which allows for more efficient retrieval and discovery of resources.

In the cataloging process, librarians and other library staff use established cataloging rules, such as the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR) or Resource Description and Access (RDA), to create bibliographic records that include information such as the author, title, publication date, and subject matter of the materials. These records are then used to create a catalog, which is a list of the materials in a library’s collection and is used by patrons to find and access the materials they need.

Catalogue also includes the classification of the materials, which is the process of assigning call numbers or classification numbers to materials. This allows for more efficient organization and retrieval of materials within the library.

Overall, cataloging is an essential process that helps librarians and other library staff to effectively manage, organize, and share resources within and outside the library. It also provides a consistent way for users to find and access materials within the library’s collection.

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