Important List of Synonyms and Antonyms

List of Important List of Synonyms and Antonyms

ABANDON: To give up completely – abandoned the sinking ship.

Synonyms: relinquish, forgo, forsake

ABASH: To lose self-confidence; to confuse, put to shame – abashed before the assembled


Synonyms: fluster, disconcert, discomfit, discompose.

Antonym: (adj.) self-possessed


ABDICATE: To give up claim to – abdicated the throne.

Synonyms: renounce, abandon, relinquish


ABET: To encourage -or support – treacherously abetted the enemy.

Synonyms: spur, incite.

Antonym: deter


ABRIDGE: To shorten – abridged his lengthy speech.

Synonyms: curtail, diminish, retrench.

Antonyms: protract, elongate, amplify


ABROGATE: To abolish or render void – a treaty abrogated by mutual consent.

Synonyms: annul, nullify, rescind, void.


ABSTEMIOUS: Moderate in the use of food or drink – abstemious in his habits.

Synonym: temperate


ACADEMIC: Pertaining to school; theoretical academic interests; an academic discussion, with

no practical implications.

Synonym: scholastic


ACCEDE: To agree to – accede to a request.

Synonym: assent.

Antonym: demur


ACCELERATE: – To quicken, speed tip – took an accelerated course in order to graduate early.

Synonym: expedite (adj. expeditious).

Antonym: retard.


ACCOLADE: An award or salute – a tremendous accolade for a returning hero. Synonyms:

tribute, ovation


ACCORD: Agreement or harmony – in full accord with his view.

Synonyms: concord, concurrence.

Antonyms: dissension, discord

ACRIMONIOUS: Sharp or harsh in language or temper – stung by the acrimonious remark.

Synonyms: caustic, acerb, pungent, tart, mordant, acrid; (noun) asperity.

Antonyms: suave, affable,


ACUMEN: Keenness of mind or insight – showing exceptional business acumen.

Synonyms: perspicacity, discernment, perception.

Antonym: obtuseness.


ADMONISH (noun: ADMONITION): To warn or find fault gently – admonishing the unruly


Synonyms: chide, caution, reprimand, reprehend, reproach.


ADVERSARY: (adj.: ADVERSE): An opponent – his adversary in a bitter debate.

Synonym: antagonist.

Antonyms: cohort, confederate, ally, accomplice.


ADVERSITY: Misfortune – calm in the face of adversity.

Synonyms: affliction, mischance, reverses.


AESTHETIC: Pertaining to the beautiful – interested in aesthetic values rather than in purely

practical affairs.


AFFABLE: Sociable, courteous, and agreeable in manner a much admired, affable gentleman.

Synonyms: civil, complaisant, benign, gracious, genial, urbane, cordial.

Antonyms: curt, brusque, rude, boorish, surly.


AFFLUENT: Prosperous, flourishing; copious – a large bequest from an affluent grandfather.

Synonyms: opulent, profuse.

Antonyms: destitute, impecunious.


AGGRESSIVE (noun: AGGRESSION. an unprovoked attack): self-assertive; attacking, offensive –

annoyed people by his aggressive attitude.

Synonyms: bumptious, officious, obtrusive.

Antonyms: meek, humble, retiring, diffident.


ALACRITY: Eagerness; cheerful promptness – responded to the flattering offer with alacrity.

Synonyms: celerity, briskness, energy, animation.

Antonyms: apathy, nonchalance, sluggishness, lethargy, phlegmatism.


ALIENATE: To estrange – alterated by his gruff manner.


ALLAY: To calm; to lessen in severity – at ease now that his fears have been allayed.

Synonyms: appease, alleviate, pacify, assuage, abate, mitigate, propitiate, mollify, placate.

Antonyms: intensify, aggravate.


ALLUDE (noun: ALLUSION): To refer to indirectly – alluded quite subtly to his friend’s


Synonyms: insinuate, intimate, imply.


Antonyms: refer, cite.


ALLURE: To tempt by flattery or an attractive offer – allured by the prospect of a new job.

Synonyms: lure, decoy, inveigle, entice, seduce, wheedle, beguile, cajole.

Antonym: repel.


AMBIGUOUS: Uncertain, vague, capable of being inter- in more than one way – puzzled by the

ambiguous statement.

Synonyms: hazy, obscure, equivocal, dubious, nebulous.

Antonyms: explicit, unquestionable.


AMENABLE: Obedient; willing to submit – amenable to the suggestion.

Synonyms: tractable, docile, responsive.

Antonyms: intractable, refractory, recalcitrant.


AMIABLE: Good-natured; friendly – attracted friends by his amiable disposition.

Synonym: complaisant.


ANACHRONISM: A thing placed or occurring out of its normal time – A machine gun at the

Battle of Yorktown would be an anachronism.


ANALOGY (adj.: ANALOGOUS): A relation between two things shown in the resemblance not

of the things themselves but of their characteristics – He indicated points of analogy between

the two situations. Synonyms:  correspondence, affinity.

Antonym: anomaly (a deviation from the general rule).


ANARCHY: State of confusion or lawlessness – a country brought to utter anarchy by civil war.

Synonyms: chaos, pandemonium.


ANIMUS: A feeling of hatred-felt no animus, even against the enemy.

Synonyms: enmity, rancor, malevolence, animosity.

Antonym: amity.


ANNALS: Historical records – in the annals of literature.


ANONYMOUS: Of unknown authorship-an anonymous publication.


ANTHOLOGY: A collection of choice literary works – an anthology of modern poetry.


ANTITHESIS (adj.: ANTITHETICAL): Contrast; the direct opposite – His selfish attitude seemed

to me the antithesis o patriotism.


APATHY (adj.: APATHETIC): Lack of feeling, emotion, or interest – attributed his failure to

apathy, rather than lack of ability. Synonyms:  torpor, lethargy, sluggishness, listlessness,

languor, lassitude, dispassion; (verb) languish. Antonyms: zeal, animation.


APPREHENSIVE (verb: APPREHEND): Fearful – Being unprepared, John is apprehensive of the


APPRISE: To inform –apprised his lieutenants of the new situation.


APPROBATION: Approval; praise -a plan that met with hearty approbation. Synonyms:

sanction, commendation. Antonym: disapprobation.


APT (noun: APTITUDE, APTNESS): ((1) Likely; inclined or disposed – apt to succeed. Synonym:

prone. (2) Fit, suitable – an apt remark. Synonyms: appropriate, felicitous. (3) Skillful, expert –

apt at woodcarving. Synonyms: deft, dextrous, adept. Antonym: inept.


ARBITER: A person who has authority to decide matters in dispute – a fair decision rendered

by the arbiter. Synonyms: mediator, arbitrator


ARCHETYPE: An original pattern – copies reproduced from the archetype. Synonym:

prototype. Antonyms: Stereotype, facsimile, replica.


ARID: Dry; barren – the arid desert land. Synonyms: jejune, parched. Antonyms: arable, fertile.


ARISTOCRACY: Government by the best people; a privileged class -special privileges enjoyed

by the aristocracy. Synonym: oligarchy. Antonym: democracy.


ARMISTICE: A temporary suspension of hostilities. The armistice halted the war. Synonym:



ARTFUL: Sly; crafty – attained his mean objective by artful measures. Synonyms: cunning,

wily, adroit, ingenious, guileful. Antonyms: guileless, ingenuous, artless.


ARTICULATE (verb): To speak clearly or distinctly – articulated slowly so that he could not be

misunderstood. (adj.): Capable of speech; distinct, clear – an articulate man, always ready to

give his views.


ASCETIC: Rigorously self-denying – pursued the ascetic life of a monk. Synonyms: austere,

abstinent. Antonyms: wanton, self-indulgent.


ASKANCE: With distrust – looked askance at the forged signature.


ASSEVERATE: To declare positively; to confirm – asseverated his views with conviction.

Synonyms: assert, avouch, aver, avow, allege. Antonyms: gainsay, controvert, recant, rescind,

abjure, disavow.


ASSIDUOUS: Industrious – an assiduous worker, toiling long hours. Synonyms: sedulous,

attentive, diligent, indefatigable. Antonyms:  indolent, slothful.


ASYLUM: A place offering shelter and retreat – found asylum from persecution. Synonyms:

sanctuary, refuge.


ATHEIST: One who denies that God exists – The atheist declared, “There is no God.” Synonyms:

infidel, agnostic, skeptic.


ATTRIBUTE (verb): Assign -attributed his success to bard work. Synonym: ascribe (noun): An

inherent quality -Generosity was his outstanding attribute.


AUGMENT: To increase or enlarge – an army augmented by numerous enlistments. Synonyms:

enhance, amplify. Antonyms: abate, curtail.


AUSPICIOUS: Indicating a happy outcome – The prospect for this project appears auspicious.

Synonyms: propitious, fortunate. Antonyms: ominous, foreboding.


AUTHENTIC: Genuine -proved to be an authentic document. Synonyms: veritable, bona fide.

Antonyms: apocryphal, counterfeit, spurious, bogus.

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AUTOCRATIC: Despotic – feared by the masses as an autocratic ruler. Synonym: tyrannical.

Antonym: benevolent.


AVARICE: Excessive greed – a fortune accumulated by avarice and miserliness. Synonyms:

covetousness, cupidity, avidity. Antonym: magnanimity.


AWRY: Unsymmetrical; not straight – the picture, hanging awry on the wall. Synonym: askew.

BANAL: Lacking in freshness, originality, or vigor-bored by his banal remarks. Synonyms:

commonplace, hackneyed, prosaic, trite, stereotyped, vapid. Antonyms: racy, original, vivid.


BANEFUL (noun: BANE: poison; source of harm): Destructive, poisonous – a baneful effect,

causing serious injury. Synonyms: deleterious, pernicious, virulent, noxious, toxic. Antonym:


BANTER: Good-natured teasing or ridicule-The two wits I exchanged banter, to the

amusement of the audience. Synonyms: raillery, chaff


BATON: A stick or staff – The conductor wielded his baton gracefully.


BELIE: To give a false idea of – His gracious manner belled his evil purpose. Synonym:



BELLICOSE; Inclined to quarrel; warlike – His bellicose attitude often got John into fights.

Synonyms: pugnacious, contentious, disputatious. Antonyms: pacific, conciliatory.


BELLIGERENT: Engaged in war – two belligerent nations warring fiercely.

BENEVOLENT: Kindly; charitable – like a benevolent monarch, bestowing many favors.

Synonyms: benign, benignant, gracious, magnanimous. Antonyms: malevolent, malignant.


BEREAVE: To deprive or leave desolate by loss – a widow just bereaved of her husband.


BESMIRCH: To soil or dirty – besmirched his opponent’s good name with vile epithets.

Synonyms: stilly, defile, smirch, bespatter.


BIASED: Prejudiced – misled by a biased point of view. Synonyms: bigoted, arbitrary, partial,


partisan. Antonyms: disinterested, equitable.

BIBLIOPHILE: A lover of books – The bibliophile fingered the old book fondly. Antonym:


BIZARRE: Queer; unusual in appearance- bizarre clothes, outlandish in the extreme.

Synonyms: odd, fantastic, grotesque, eccentric.


BLAND: Gentle; polite; agreeable – a bland diet, without irritating foods. Synonyms: mild,

suave (affable or persuasive in manner), soothing, non-irritating. Antonyms: piquant, tart,

racy, caustic, acrid, pungent.


BLANDISHMENT: A flattering speech or act – attracted people by his blandishments.


BLEMISH (verb): To scar or spoil – Bad associates blemished his character; (noun): A

disfigurement, defect – a character without a blemish.


BLIGHT: To ruin or decay – the rotting wheat, blighted by incessant rain. Synonyms: wither,



BLITHE: Gay and light-hearted in spirit or mood – spread cheer with her blithe spirit.

Synonyms: jocund, merry, joyous. Antonyms: dejected, forlorn, abject.


BOG: A swamp – sank into the spongy bog. Synonyms: morass, fen, quagmire, mire.


BOMBASTIC (noun: BOMBAST): High-sounding; pretentious in language – a bombastic speech,

inflated with meaningless high-flown words. Synonyms: ranting, pompous, fustian.


BOORISH: Unrefined in speech or manners – exhibited the boorish manners of a

backwoodsman. Synonyms: churlish, uncouth, uncultured, crass. Antonym: suave.

BUCOLIC: Pertaining to the country – a bucolic poem – the joys of the shepherd. Synonyms:

pastoral, rustic, rural.


BUFFOON: A clown – acting like a buffoon, full of ludicrous tricks. Synonym: harlequin.


BULWARK: (1) An embankment used as a fortification – a lofty bulwark for defense. Synonym:

rampart. 2) A person, idea, or object serving as a protection – acted as a bulwark in the fight

against crime.


BUMPTIOUS: Obnoxiously conceited or self-assertive – a bumptious monitor, puffed up with

his own importance. Synonyms: aggressive, arrogant, contumelious, overbearing.


CABAL: A small group of persons engaged in plotting – a cabal of prominent persons united to

overthrow the government. Synonyms: junto, faction.


CACOPHONOUS: Unharmonious sounding – a cacophonous blare of trumpets, noisy and

discordant. Synonyms: dissonant, discordant, blatant, strident, raucous. Antonyms:

mellifluous, euphonious, dulcet.


CADAVEROUS: Corpselike; hence, haggard, pale -His face appeared cadaverous from long


imprisonment. Synonyms: ghastly, gaunt, pallid (noun: pallor), wan, ashen. Antonyms:

rubicund, florid.


CALLOUS: Unfeeling or insensitive – made callous by long suffering. Synonyms: insensible,


CALUMNIATE: To accuse falsely or maliciously in order to injure another’s reputation; slander

– calumniated his political opponent by spreading false rumors. Synonyms: asperse, vilify,

defame, scandalize.


CANDID (noun: CANDOR): Frank, outspoken; impartial a candid reply that could hardly be

more forthright. Synonyms: artless, ingenuous, unbiased. Antonyms: guileful, evasive.


CANTANKEROUS: Ill-natured; quarrelsome – showed a cantankerous and sullen disposition.

Synonyms: petulant, peevish, contentious, pugnacious, testy, choleric, fretful. Antonyms:

amiable, affable, equable.


CAPRICIOUS: Inclined, through some whim or fancy change the mind, purpose, or actions

suddenly – a capricious person, undependable in mood or temper. Synonyms: fickle, fitful,

changeable, erratic, inconstant, crotchety, whimsical, mercurial. Antonyms: steadfast,

constant, even-tempered.


CAPTIOUS: Quick to find fault about trifles- a captious critic pouncing on slight laws.

Synonyms: hypercritical, carping, carviling, censorious.


CARICATURE: A picture or other description of a person which exaggerates ludicrously one or

more of his distinctive features – not a realistic portrait but a malicious caricature.


CASTIGATE: To punish or criticize severely – castigated for using improper language.

Synonyms: reprove, upbraid, reprehend, censure, reprimand, chasten. Antonyms: commend,

eulogize, laud.


CELESTIAL: Pertaining to the sky; heavenly-a celestial pageant of bright stars. Synonyms:

ethereal; (noun) firmament.


CHAUVINIST. An extreme patriot-a chauvinist with most pride in his country. Synonym:


CHICANERY: Trickery, deception,- practised chicanery all his shady dealings. Synonyms:

duplicity, craft, stratagem, wile, subterfuge.

CHRONIC: Continuing a long time; habitual-a. chronic complaint, persisting for years.

Synonyms: persistent, unremitting, inveterate, incessant, constant. Antonyms: intermittent,

sporadic, infrequent.

CIRCUMSPECT: Cautious – looked about him circumspectly. Synonyms: prudent, vigilant,

discreet, wary. Antonyms: rash, indiscreet, reckless, precipitate, foothardy, temerarious,


CIRCUMVENT: To gain an advantage by the use of trick to evade by the use of deception; to go

around – circumvented the law by evasive practices. Synonyms: thwart, balk, outwit, delude.


CIVIL: (1) Of or having to do with citizens or the state – civil duties as well as civil liberties. 2)

Polite, courteous – answered in a civil fashion. Synonyms: respectful, gracious.


CLAMOROUS: Loud and noisy – a clamorous outburst the crowd outside. Synonyms:

vociferous, obstreperous, blatant, raucous, strident. Antonyms: muted, quiet.


CLANDESTINE: Secret; stealthy – a clandestine meeting known only to a few. Synonyms:

furtive, covert, surreptitious. Antonyms: overt, manifest, above-board.


CLEMENT: Merciful; gentle – a clement judge who tempered justice with leniency. Synonyms:

compassionate, forbearing. Antonyms: relentless, ruthless.


COALITION (verb: COALESCE): Alliance; merging of various units into one unit – three parties

forming a coalition to rule the country. Synonyms: amalgamation, consolidation, fusion.

COERCION: Compelling a person by physical force or other means to do something against his

will – rendered his services without the slightest coercion. Synonyms: constraint, restraint,

COGENT: Having the force to compel, usually by appealing to reason – persuaded by cogent

arguments. Synonym: persuasive.

COLLUSION: Working together secretly for an evil purpose – acted in collusion to overthrow

the government. Synonyms: collaboration, conspiracy, conniving, machination.

COMMODIOUS: Roomy – a commodious apartment. Synonyms: spacious, capacious, ample.

COMPATIBLE: Harmonious; able, to get along together parted company because they were not

compatible. Synonyms: congruous, consistent. Antonyms: incongruous, discordant,

COMPENDIUM (adj.: COMPENDIOUS): A brief summary of the main ideas of a larger work – a

compendium of chemistry in a slim volume. Synonyms: synopsis, digest, precis, abstract,

COMPENSATION: Payment for services – just compensation for his labor. Synonyms: stipend,

remuneration, recompense, emolument.

COMPLACENT: Self-satisfied – looked on his own performance with a complacent smile.

Synonym: smug.

COMPUNCTION: Regret for wrongdoing – displayed slight compunction for his misdeed.

Synonyms: contrition, penitence, atonement, remorse, qualm.

CONCEDE: To yield; to admit as true; to grant – conceded victory to a superior force.

Synonyms: acquiesce, capitulate.


CONDIGN: Well-deserved (applied chiefly to punishment) – received condign punishment for

his crime.


CONDOLE (noun: CONDOLENCE): To express sympathy with another in sorrow, pain, or

misfortune – condoled with each other in their grief. Synonyms: commiserate, show

compassion, solace.


CONDONE: To forgive or overlook (an offense) – condoned the deed, in view of the offender’s

age. Synonyms: extenuate, palliate, mitigate, gloss.

CONFEDERATE (noun): A person allied with others for a special purpose (frequently a bad

one) – joined his confederate in secret enterprise. Synonyms: collaborator, accomplice. (adj.):

United or allied in a conspiracy – two confederate groups hurrying to their rendezvous.


CONGENIAL: ((1) Possessing similar interests and tastes; able to get on well with others –

congenial people with similar backgrounds. Synonym: compatible. (2) Agreeable – congenial

to his taste.


CONJECTURE: To guess – Without facts, we can only conjecture about his guilt. Synonyms:

surmise, presume.


CONSECRATE: ((1) To set apart as sacred – consecrate the battlefield with a monument to the

dead heroes. Synonyms: hallow, sanctify. Antonym: desecrate. (2) To devote or dedicate to

some aim – consecrated his life to teaching.


CONSENSUS. General agreement – The consensus of the committee was that no action should

be taken. Synonym: accord.


CONSTERNATION: Amazement; lack of courage caused by fearful prospect – The threat struck

deep consternation into John. Synonyms: dismay, bewilderment.


CONSTRUE (noun: CONSTRUCTION): To interpret, explain the sense of, or analyze – construed

the statement to his own advantage.


CONSUMMATE (adj.): Perfect or highly accomplished – achieved with consummate skill.

Antonyms: botched. bungled, inept (verb): To complete, bring to perfection – consummated

the deal without delay.


CONTEMPTUOUS: Expressive of contempt (an emotion involving anger and disgust) – cast a

contemptuous look at his subordinate. Synonyms: supercilious, scornful, disdainful,


CONVIVIAL: Festive; gay – a convivial party. Synonyms: jovial, jocund, mirthful. Antonyms:

lugubrious, dolorous, mirthless.


COPIOUS: Plentiful – shed copious tears at the bad news. Synonyms: profuse, bountiful,

abundant. Antonyms: meager, scant.


CORPULENT: Fat – corpulent due to excessive eating. Synonyms: obese, portly. Antonyms:


11gaunt, lank, emaciated, peaked.


COSMOPOLITAN (noun): One who is at home in all countries – A cosmopolitan can feel at ease

anywhere in the world. (adj.): Free from local prejudices – a world-wide traveler,

cosmopolitan in tastes and attitudes. Synonyms: Catholic. Antonyms: parochial, provincial.


COTERIE: A group of people joined by common interests a coterie of select friend. Synonym:


COUNTENANCE (noun): A face – His countenance expressed his complete disgust. Synonym:

visage. (verb): To approve – refused to countenance disrespectful conduct. Synonym: sanction.


CRASS: Coarse and stupid – displayed crass ignorance. Synonym: gross.


CRAVEN (noun): Coward – the deed of a craven, motivated by fear. Synonym. Poltroon. (adj.):

Cowardly – a craven act which shocked the world. Synonyms: pusillanimous, dastardly.

Antonyms: stalwart, intrepid, valiant, stout-hearted.


CREDENCE: Trust or belief – gave little credence to the rumor. Synonym: conviction. Antonym:


CREDIBLE: Worthy of belief – a credible story, true to life. Antonym: incredible.


CREDITABLE: Deserving or reflecting Credit or honor – applauded for his creditable

performance. Synonyms: praiseworthy, meritorious, commendable. Antonyms: discreditable,

infamous, opprobrious, ignominious.


CREDULOUS: Inclined to believe anything; easily imposed upon – a credulous fool whom

anyone can dupe. Synonym: gullible. Antonyms:  incredulous, skeptical.


CRINGE: To shrink in fear – cringing before superior force. Synonyms: cower, flinch, fawn,

truckle, wince.


CRUCIAL: Decisive or critical; difficult – the crucial event that decided the outcome. CRYPTIC:

Containing hidden meaning – a cryptic message, difficult to decipher. Synonyms:  occult,

enigmatic. Antonyms:  palpable, manifest.


CULPABLE: Deserving blame or censure – removed from office for culpable negligence.

Synonyms:  censurable, reprehensible.


CUMBROUS: Burdensome and clumsy – a cumbrous knapsack, impeding his march. Synonyms:

cumbersome, unwieldy, bulk. CURB: To control, check, or restrain – forcibly curbed the

people’s protest. Synonyms:  repress, subdue.


CURSORY: Hurried; hence, superficial – Time permitted only a cursory examination.

Antonyms:  painstaking, meticulous. CURT: Rudely abrupt -offended by the curt response.

Synonyms:  blunt, brusque, bluff. Antonyms:  affable, civil.


CYNICAL: Sneeringly distrustful of the good motives or conduct of others – belittled the hero





Words Synonyms
Gigantic Huge, Massive
Glow Shine, Glisten
Grief Sorrow, Sadness
Grievous Painful, Hurtful
Hamper Impede, Hinder
Happiness Joy, Delight, Mirth
Hate Despise, Detest, Scorn
Healthy Hearty, Wholesome, Strong
Heaven Paradise
Help Aid, Assistance
Hide Conceal
High Elevated, Lofty, Exalted
Honour Prestige
Humility Modesty, Humbleness
Illegal Unlawful
Imagine Fancy, Think
Imperial Kingly, Royal
Industrious Hardworking, Diligent
Inherit Inborn, Natural
Injure Harm, Wound
Intend Propose, Mean
Journey Travel, Tour, Trip
Jubilant Exultant, Joyful
Just Right, Proper
Knave Villain
Knowledge Information, Awareness
Lenient Mild, Liberal
Lethal Deadly, Fatal
Lethargy Sluggishness, Laziness
Liberty Freedom, Independence
Light Ignite, Inflame
Likeness Resemblance, Similarity
Loyal Devoted, Faithful
Lucky Fortunate
Manifest Clear, Evident


Words Synonyms
Abnormal Unusual, Irregular
Abolish Eradicate, Remove
Abound Flourish, Overflow
Academical Educational, Scholarly
Accede Consent, Agree
Accumulate Collect, Gather
Accurate Correct, Exact
Acquaintance Awareness, Familiarity
Acquire Obtain, Procure
Active Alert, Lively, Energetic
Adequate Sufficient, Suitable
Admire Appreciate, Praise
Admit Confess
Aid Help, Assistance
Aim Goal, Purpose, Objective
Alien Foreigner, Stranger
Allow Permit, Admit
Ancient Old
Anger Fury Wrath
Anguish Agony, Pain
Arrogant Haughty, Proud
Attack Aggression, Assault
Authentic Genuine, Acceptable
Battle Fight, Encounter, Conflict
Begin Start, Commence
Blame Accuse, Censure
Bleak Dismal, Hopeless
Bliss Joy, Pleasure
Blunder Big Mistake, Error
Bold Fearless, Courageous
Brave Gallant, Courageous
Brief Concise
Brutal Sawage, Cruel
Build Construct
Calculation Count
Catch Grab, Grasp
Change Shift, Exchange, Alter
Charming Attractive, Bewitching
Clever Skillful, Ingenious
Coarse Rough
Collision Clash, Conflict, Impact
Compromise Settlement, Adjustment
Conscious Aware, Assured, Certain
Convey Communicate, Shift, Transport
Costly Precious, Expensive


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