Microficheمائیکرو فیچ

Microfiche is a small card-like sheet of film that is used to store and display small images or documents, typically in the form of microfilm. Microfiche is used as a way to store and preserve information in a compact and easily accessible format.

Microfiche can be used to store a wide range of information, including documents, books, newspapers, photographs, and other types of records. Each microfiche typically contains a number of small images or pages of text, which can be viewed through the use of a microfiche reader or scanner. These devices use a light source and a magnifying lens to display the images or text on the microfiche, allowing users to view and read the information it contains.

Microfiche is often used in libraries, archives, and other institutions as a way to store and access large collections of historical or research materials. It is also sometimes used in businesses or other organizations as a way to store and retrieve records or other types of information.

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