When was first printing press installed in india?ہندوستان میں پہلا پرنٹنگ پریس کب لگایا گیا؟

The first printing press in India was installed in Goa by the Portuguese in 1556. This press was used to print Christian religious texts in the Portuguese language. The first book printed in India was a catechism for Roman Catholics, which was printed in 1557. The first printing press in India that was used to print books in Indian languages was established in Bombay (now Mumbai) by the British in 1812.

What year was the printing press invented?پرنٹنگ پریس کس سال ایجاد ہوا؟

The printing press was invented in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg, a German blacksmith and inventor. It was a major technological advancement that greatly increased the speed and spread of information and helped to spur the spread of knowledge and ideas during the Renaissance. Prior to the invention of the printing press, books had to be copied by hand, which was a slow and labor-intensive process. The printing press made it possible to produce many copies of a book quickly and inexpensively, which made information more widely available and helped to foster the spread of ideas.

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