What is OPAC?

OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalog. It is an online version of a library catalog that allows users to search for and access library materials from any location with an internet connection. An OPAC provides the same functionality as a traditional library catalog, but it allows users to search and access the catalog remotely.

OPACs typically provide users with the ability to search by title, author, subject, and other criteria, and they display detailed information about each item, including its location, availability, and format. They also allow users to place holds on items, renew items they have checked out, and view their account information. Some OPACs also allow users to access electronic resources such as e-books and electronic journals, and may have additional features like reviews, ratings, and related materials.

OPACs are widely used in public, academic and research libraries and have become a standard in library management. They are an essential tool for library users as they provide easy and convenient access to library materials, and for librarians as they allow them to manage the library’s collection more efficiently.

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