When was the papermaking started in the islamic world?اسلامی دنیا میں کاغذ سازی کا آغاز کب ہوا؟

Papermaking was introduced to the Islamic world in the 7th century AD, when the Arab conquest of the region brought papermaking technology from China to the Middle East. The first paper mill in the Islamic world is believed to have been established in the city of Samarkand, in present-day Uzbekistan, in the 8th century.

Papermaking in the Islamic world quickly became an important industry, with paper mills established in many cities throughout the region. The Islamic world was known for producing a high-quality paper that was used for a variety of purposes, including writing, printing, and art.

Papermaking in the Islamic world was a highly skilled craft, with strict quality control measures in place to ensure that the finished product met the high standards of the market. The Islamic world also made significant contributions to the development of papermaking technology, such as the introduction of specialized tools and techniques for refining pulp and forming sheets of paper.

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