Who maintains ‘official catalogue’ in libraries?لائبریریوں میں ‘سرکاری کیٹلاگ’ کون رکھتا ہے؟

The official catalog in libraries is typically maintained by library staff. This includes librarians, catalogers, and other library professionals who are responsible for creating, updating, and managing the catalog.

The process of creating and maintaining the catalog involves cataloging and classifying the library’s materials according to established standards, such as the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) or Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) systems. This involves adding bibliographic information about the items, such as the title, author, publication date, and a call number or other identifier that can be used to locate the item on the library shelves.

The catalog is usually maintained using a library management software, such as an Integrated Library System (ILS) or a Library Automation System, which allows library staff to easily add, update, and manage the catalog. Some libraries may also outsource the cataloging process to a third-party vendor.

It’s worth noting that the official catalog is not only used by the library staff but also by the patrons to locate, request and place holds on items, check their account and many more.

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