Who was the Librarian of Alexandria Library?اسکندریہ لائبریری کا لائبریرین کون تھا؟

The Library of Alexandria was one of the most famous libraries of the ancient world, and it is believed to have had a staff of scholars and librarians who were responsible for maintaining the library’s collections and assisting patrons. The most famous librarian of the Library of Alexandria was a man named Callimachus, who lived in the 3rd century BC. Callimachus was a Greek poet and scholar who is said to have been the chief librarian of the library. He is credited with creating the first known library catalog, which listed the works in the library’s collection and helped scholars to find the texts they were looking for. Callimachus is also known for his own literary works, which include hymns, epigrams, and a long epic poem called the Aetia.

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