Define literary warrant in classification?درجہ بندی میں ادبی وارنٹ کی تعریف کریں؟

In library classification, the term “literary warrant” refers to the justification or authority for assigning a particular call number to a book or other material. Literary warrant is based on the content of the material and the rules and guidelines of the classification system being used.

For example, in the Dewey Decimal Classification system, the call number for a book is based on the subject matter of the book and the specific decimal numbers assigned to that subject. The literary warrant for the call number is the authority or justification for placing the book in that particular subject category and assigning it the corresponding decimal numbers.

The literary warrant for a call number is an important consideration in library classification, as it helps to ensure that the materials are organized in a logical and consistent way, making it easier for patrons to locate and access the materials they need.

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