Into how many types knowledge is divided?

There are many different ways in which knowledge can be classified or divided. One common way to categorize knowledge is into three types:

  1. Declarative knowledge: This is knowledge about facts or concepts, such as knowing that the capital of France is Paris.
  2. Procedural knowledge: This is knowledge about how to do things, such as knowing how to bake a cake or how to fix a car.
  3. Conditional knowledge: This is knowledge about when and why to use certain skills or information, such as knowing when to use a specific problem-solving technique or when to apply a particular mathematical formula.

Another way to divide knowledge is into explicit knowledge, which is knowledge that is consciously held and can be easily articulated, and implicit knowledge, which is unconscious and difficult to express in words.

There are many other ways to classify knowledge as well, and the specific categories used may depend on the context and the goals of the classification.

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