What is meant by cutter number?کٹر نمبر سے کیا مراد ہے؟

A cutter number is a unique identifier that is used to classify and organize books and other materials in a library. It is named after Charles Ammi Cutter, an American librarian who is credited with developing the concept of the cutter number.

Cutter numbers are typically used in conjunction with the Library of Congress Classification system, which is a system of organizing library materials based on their subject matter. The cutter number is a series of letters and numbers that is assigned to a book or other material based on its subject and the specific classification assigned to that subject. The cutter number is used to locate the material on the library shelves and to distinguish it from other materials with similar subject matter or classification.

Cutter numbers are an important tool for organizing and accessing library materials, and they are used in libraries around the world to help patrons find and borrow the materials they need.

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