Non-printنان پرنٹ

Non-print materials are any type of media that cannot be physically printed on paper, such as audio and video recordings, DVDs, CDs, and online resources. Non-print materials are an important part of many libraries’ collections and can be used by patrons to access a wide range of information and educational resources. Non-print materials can be especially useful for patrons who have visual impairments or who prefer to access information in a different format, such as through audio recordings or online resources.

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Bound periodical

A bound periodical or journal is a publication that is physically bound together, usually with a hardcover or spiral binding. This is in contrast to unbound periodicals, which are typically published in looseleaf or magazine format and are not bound together.

Bound periodicals are often reference works, such as academic journals or professional association newsletters, that are intended to be kept and used over a longer period of time. They may be published in print or online and may be distributed to subscribers or available for purchase.

Bound periodicals typically include a range of articles or papers on a specific topic or theme, and may be published on a regular basis, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. They may also include additional features, such as indexes, abstracts, or illustrations, to help readers navigate and use the content.

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