Which group of people wrote on clay table?مٹی کی میز پر کس گروہ نے لکھا؟

One group of people who wrote on clay tablets were the ancient Sumerians, who lived in what is now modern-day Iraq. The Sumerians invented a system of writing called cuneiform, which involved pressing a reed stylus into clay tablets to create symbols and marks. They used these clay tablets to record a wide variety of information, including laws, business transactions, and literature.

The ancient Babylonians, who also lived in Mesopotamia, also used clay tablets to record information. They used a similar writing system called cuneiform and recorded many of the same types of information as the Sumerians, including laws, business transactions, and literature.

Other ancient civilizations that used clay tablets to record information include the Assyrians, the Persians, and the Elamites. These tablets were often baked in kilns to harden them, making them more durable and able to last for thousands of years. Many ancient clay tablets have been preserved and are now housed in museums around the world, providing a valuable source of information about the history and culture of these ancient civilizations.

Collected work

A collected work is a publication that is a compilation of previously published or unpublished material by a particular author or group of authors. Collected works can include a wide range of material, such as articles, essays, stories, poems, plays, and other types of writing. They may also include other types of media, such as photographs, artwork, or musical compositions. Collected works are often published after the author’s death, and are intended to preserve and make accessible the author’s body of work. They may also be published while the author is still alive, either as a way of showcasing the author’s work or as a way of making it more widely available.

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